END 2023

InfocusRx offers a service that enables companies to acquire valuable competitive and market insights from conferences. This is achieved through thorough pre-conference planning, efficient intelligence gathering during the conference, and informative post-conference reports.

By partnering with InfocusRx, companies can gain contextual insights on crucial updates, pipeline developments, and innovative concepts related to therapeutic interventions. In addition, they can also access valuable information about their competitors and decision-makers’ perspectives, which can inform their market strategies.

InfocusRx provides a comprehensive solution for companies seeking to stay ahead of the curve in their industry by maximizing the benefits of their conference attendance.

  • News– This includes news pertaining to presentation , posters and trials presented at the conference related to important drugs and clinical practice.
  • Review– This includes unbiased perspective on debatable and hot topics of the conference; based on research studies.
  • Clinical trials– This includes presentation of clinical trial results which may have a bearing on current treatments and diagnostics and may include patient presentation diagnostic work up , approach to treatment and prognostic factors.

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Upcoming Conference

END 2023

JUNE 15-18 2023, CHICAGO, IL

ECE 2023

MAY 13-16 2023, Istanbul, Turkey
25th European Congress of Endocrinology

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